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Google AdWords: Your Complete Guide to Google Ads

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Want to rank in the top positions in Google for specific keywords but don’t have time to wait for organic search rankings from SEO strategies? Instantly put your site in the top 3 spots in Google search results with Google AdWords. Plus, leverage Google’s MASSIVE advertiser network to place your ads on millions of sites across the internet. In this course we’ll teach you how to use Google AdWords to effectively drive traffic to your website from Google search, and follow your customers for additional touches with Google remarketing.

PRESALE: April 30, 2018 (expected release date)



Course Length: 8-12 hr
Videos: 30
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

Google AdWords can generate massive sales for your products and services when implemented correctly. I’ll teach you our agency strategies for setting up Google AdWords campaigns for our clients. I’ll show you how to make Google AdWords work for you….to send you warm leads, capture abandoned cart sales, and turn potential clients into sales by following them across the internet.

Whether you want to generate new leads or maximize existing advertising efforts, having a Google AdWords strategy can help your business grow!


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