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Facebook Messenger: Mass Marketing & Driving Engagement

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Did you know that 98% of Facebook messages are opened! This is a HUGE opportunity for marketers to successfully reach customers. In this course I’ll show you how to utilize Facebook Messenger to engage and grow your audience. I’ll then show you how to send mass messages to ALL of your Facebook Messenger contacts – promoting sales, sending coupons, alerting customers of daily specials, and SO much more!

PRESALE: April 02, 2018 (expected release date)



Course Length: 4-6 hr
Videos: 20
Difficulty Rating: Beginner

Facebook Messenger bots are a game-changer in online marketing. With such insanely high open rates, Facebook messenger is a great way to reach more than 90% of your audience with each message. Compared to email marketing (10% open rate) and advertising (1-5% clickthru rate), Facebook Messenger bots can answer questions for customers and deliver your promotions in a unique and effective way.

Learn how to integrate Facebook Messenger with your website and marketing strategy. I’ll show you how to plan an effective Facebook Messenger campaign, build the entire campaign, and start growing your audience. I’ll cover how you can save each new messenger contact as a “subscriber” so that you can create/send promotional messages to all “subscribers” in the future.


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