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Facebook Marketing: A Complete Guide to Facebook for Business

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Billions of people use Facebook every day. For most people, checking Facebook is the first thing they do every morning and the last thing the do before going to bed. This is why marketing your business on Facebook is so important. In this Facebook Marketing course I’ll show you how to optimize your Facebook page, build a content marketing strategy, create a social media calendar, and automate regular posting to your Facebook page.

PRESALE: April 02, 2018 (expected release date)



Course Length: 4-6 hr
Videos: 20
Difficulty Rating: Beginner

Facebook marketing is only effective if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. And if you don’t have a Facebook marketing blueprint, your efforts will go to waste. You could spend $100s or $1,000’s of dollars per month to hire a social media manager to manage your Facebook marketing. In this course, we’ll show you our exact agency strategies for marketing our clients on Facebook.

Don’t waste weeks or months of time trying to market yourself on Facebook with little or no results. Use our proven methods and strategies to create a Facebook marketing plan for your business….one that will yield results from day #1.


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