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Facebook Advertising: Create and Manage Profitable Facebook Ads

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Facebook is the largest social media platform on the planet. That’s why Facebook advertising is the one of the best ways to reach a specific target audience, drive website traffic, generate highly qualified leads, and massively increase your sales. In this course I’ll show you how to create and manage Facebook ads for your business.

PRESALE: April 16, 2018 (expected release date)



Course Length: 8-12 hr
Videos: 44
Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

When done correctly, Facebook advertising can drive massive sales and prove huge returns on your investment. But the truth is Facebook makes it too easy for everyone to advertising. Which means most people “Boost a Post” or setup a Facebook Ad without knowing what they are doing. This is short-lived as people burn through Facebook ad budgets and get little or no results.

We can easily save you $1,000’s of wasted advertising dollars! Don’t waste time and money on Facebook ads until you have a proven Facebook ads strategy!

In this Facebook Ads course we’ll show you our agency process to creating Facebook ad strategies for our clients. I’ll show you how to create target audiences, setup Facebook pixel tracking, create Facebook retargeting campaigns, how to track conversions, calculate ROIs, and make sure your Facebook Ads are profitable from the beginning.


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